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106 Glen Dale Drive
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Established in 1996, and located at 8500 feet in the Pikes Peak region of the Colorado Rockies, The Brewing Science Institute provides the highest quality yeast cultures, laboratory services, and products for the professional brewer. 

Business partners David Bryant and Bryan Pearson share over 30 years of combined experience in microbiology and brewing technology.  We have been brewers and understand the daily challenges that arise in a brewery.  Our goal is to provide knowledge on the fundamentals of fermentation, microbiology and brewing technology.

We strive to provide the highest quality products and services to help brewers achieve their brewing goals. We aim to maintain a small business atmosphere so that we can provide a personal level of communication with our customers. When you call, you will speak to an owner, not a salesperson. It is in our best interest to provide first hand customer support. Success in producing quality and exceptional micro-beer stems from understanding the science behind the craft.

To learn more about BSI's high quality yeasts, and download a copy of our Yeast Descriptions Guide including our complete yeast library, please click here.

  To learn more about BSI's laboratory services, and how to draw, package and submit a sample for contamination testing, please click here.

  To learn more about BSI's products, including our LMDA and wort sterile pre-poured plates, and our "Clean & Feed Yeast Care Kit," please click here.

  To access BSI's free brewer tools & educational resources, including our much praised Brewer's Lab Handbook, and Pitching Rate Calculator, please click here
  To place an order, please click here.  Note:  If you have never ordered from BSI, please call C719-482-4895 ext. 3 to set up an account. 

  Questions about any of our products or services, or need help placing an order? Please click here to contact BSI

This is an eco-sustainable business!  Read our Environmental Policy.

BSI stands behind its product. All yeast products are tested before release. While responsible for its products, BSI will not cover wholesale or retail cost of beer nor any other ingredient costs, services, labor expense, etc. where a BSI product is concerned.

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