About Us

Established in 1996, The Brewing Science Institute (BSI) is located 8500 feet in elevation in the scenic foothills of Pikes Peak. BSI helps professional brewers achieve optimal brewing results.

Therefore, BSI provides the highest quality yeast cultures, laboratory services, and products to professional brewers. Certainly, successful brewers must possess an understanding of the science behind the craft. Hence, BSI is dedicated to boosting professional brewers’ knowledge of fermentation, microbiology and fundamentals of brewing technology.

Fortunately, The Brewing Science Institute business partners, David Bryant and Bryan Pearson, are a treasure trove of knowledge. They share over 40 combined years of experience in microbiology and brewing technology.  Consequently, their expertise gives brewers real-world solutions for resolving day-to-day brewing challenges.

Because BSI maintains a small business atmosphere, it consequently delivers personalized service and technical support to brewers. Only highly qualified fermentation specialists are authorized to provide custom, one-on-one brewing consultations.

Premium Brewing Education

The Brewing Science Institute isn’t just a leading and innovative supplier of premium brewing yeast and brewing bacteria. We’re a trusted resource for offering free education and reference guides to help discerning brewers produce the best possible products.

Contamination Testing

The Brewing Science Institute takes pride in helping brewers to determine causes of contamination, quickly and accurately. Our business and passion are to help professional brewers optimize the quality of their meticulously crafted beverages.

Sustainable Business Practices

BSI is passionate about the natural world and pursues innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly ways to operate the business. All in-house materials at BSI, from hot water to office paper to pipettes, are reused and then appropriately recycled.

Even more, containers and boxes at BSI incorporate post-consumer content. So, these containers and boxes are easily recycled in most parts of the country. Similarly, the cold packs used for shipping yeast are made of non-toxic materials commonly used for landscaper’s hydrocrystals. For this reason, the cold packs’ contents are environmentally reusable in lawns and gardens for improved water economy.