Pitchable Units Calculators

Calculator Instructions: Use these calculators to determine how many BSI pitchable units you need to hit your desired pitch rate for the beer you’re brewing.

Enter your batch size in BBLs, SG in °Plato if calculating by gravity, and your desired pitch rate.

Example Calculation: If you want to pitch a total of 18 million cells/ml enter “18” or if you want to pitch 750,000 cells/ml/°P enter “0.75”. BSI recommends the following pitch rates:

  • For ales with a SG <16°P pitch 1 million cells/ml/°P.
  • For lagers with a SG <16°P pitch 1.5 million cells/ml/°P.
  • For ales and lagers with a SG >16°P add an additional 0.5 million cells/ml/°P to the listed pitch rates.

For further help using this calculator, please call Tech Support at 719-482-4895 x 3


Specific Gravity -> ⁰Plato:

= Plato

Hectoliters -> BBLs:

= BBLs


BSI Pitchable:

Total Million Cells/ml/⁰Plato
Total Million Cells/ml
Total Million Cells/ml/⁰Plato

BSI Pitchable Units Required: