General FAQs About Our Products

One pitchable unit of yeast from BSI provides 7 million cells/ml in 1 bbl of wort. A pitchable of yeast is a unit of cost and a unit # of cells, however it’s important to note a pitchable is not intended to be the ideal quantity for any batch of wort. Rather, the amount of yeast to pitch is dependent on the Starting Gravity (SG) of the wort, yeast strain, and style of beer. Because BSI custom grows all our yeast to order we have the flexibility to target any cell count you require by scaling the number of pitchables you receive.

It depends. In general, we recommend the industry standards of 1 million cells/ml/°Plato for ales less than 16 Plato, 1.5 million cells/ml/°Plato for lagers less than 16 Plato, and an additional 0.5 million cells/ml/°Plato for high gravity ales or lagers over 16 Plato. However, these are generalizations only and may not apply to all situations. If you prefer a different pitch rate or are unsure how much to pitch, please call our Technical Support Line: (719) 482-4895 ext. 3

Unlike a pitchable, a starter quantity is designed for a 1 step propagation. Our starter quantities provide 10 million cells/ml in the necessary volume of propagation wort. It is based on a 1:10 ratio. E.g. if you’re brewing a 10bbl batch you will need to inoculate 1bbl of oxygenated propagation wort (10 plato is ideal) with a 10 starter. Let the yeast grow for 24 hours then top the propagation wort to the full 10bbl amount. Our starters are intended for lower-gravity ales. If you’re brewing a higher gravity ale or lager, please contact our Technical Support Department to discuss options: (719)482-4895 ext. 3

Cell counts for bacteria are very difficult (and expensive) to measure reliably. The industry standard is to pitch by volume. At BSI, we scale our bacteria pitchables based on your batch size (e.g. 20 bbl of wort would require a 20 pitchable of bacteria). This will provide enough active bacteria to sour a bacteria friendly wort in 24-72 hours.

What is a “bacteria friendly” wort?

  • Starting gravity under 10 plato
  • Very little to zero IBU
  • Very little to zero alcohol
  • Appropriate temperature range

Be aware that any deviation from the aforementioned parameters can affect the performance of the bacteria, or at the very least, require more time to achieve the pH you desire.

For more information, call our Technical Support line: (719) 482-4895 ext. 3.

Starting gravity under 10 plato
Very little to zero IBU
Very little to zero alcohol
Appropriate temperature range
Be aware that any deviation from the aforementioned parameters can affect the performance of the bacteria, or at the very least, require more time to achieve the pH you desire.

For information regarding lactobacillus and methods for kettle souring, please refer to our “Getting to Know Your Lacto” presentation (***Link***).

You can also call our Technical Support line: (719) 482-4895 ext. 3.

BSI offers a variety of yeast care and contamination testing products:

Wort Agar Plates: Used for culturing and storing yeast, bacteria, or really anything that grows on a wort-based media. Sold in packs of 30 plates.

LMDA Plates: Used in screening for bacteria and wild yeast contaminants. Our LMDA plates contain 7ppm cycloheximide to inhibit the growth of most saccharomyces cerevisiae strains, while allowing for the growth of most bacteria and wild yeast contaminants common in the brewing process. Sold in packs of 30.

Clean and Feed Kits: Used to treat harvested yeast for bacterial infections, while also providing a food source for the yeast during storage. The kit contains a two-part chemical mix of chlorine dioxide which is safe for yeast health but will kill any harmful bacteria present. The concentrated sterile wort charge will keep the yeast fed for up to one week of storage. This kit will treat up to 10 gallons of slurry (similar to the amount of yeast harvested from a 10bbl batch of beer).

Wort Charge 4-Pack: Sterile concentrated wort charges meant for feeding harvested yeast during storage. One charge provides enough food for about 10 gallons of slurry (similar to the amount of yeast harvested from a 10bbl batch of beer).

Please visit our product page for more information.

We do! Check out our contamination testing page for more details.

We also offer PCR analysis for S. diastaticus and other potential hyper-attenuating yeast strains. Check out our PCR testing page for more details.

Unfortunately, we don’t. We recommend checking out Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services for all your other testing needs:   http://alcbevtesting.com/

BSI does not presently offer Organic strains however, BSI currently offers Kosher yeast and yeast grown with Gluten free media upon request. For more information, call our Technical Support line: (719)482-4895 ext. 3.

Ordering FAQs

BSI has several options for placing an order:

Order Online: Brewingscience.com/order. Our online order form makes ordering a breeze! This is a good option for customers who know exactly what they want and when they need it.

Order by phone: (719) 482-4895 ext. 1. Want to talk to a real person? This is a good option for when you are away from your computer or are unsure if your request can be filled within our usual 7-day lead time.

Email: info@brewingscience.com You can also email us directly! This option is best for customers that have questions or need advice prior to placing an order. If you decide to go this route, please start a new thread for each new order and include the following information: Brewery Name, Strain and Quantity, Desired Ship Date, and Shipping Location. We generally respond to emails within the same business day they are received.

We’re here to help! If at any point in the ordering process you need assistance, please call our technical support staff at (719) 482-4895 ext. 3.

We custom grow yeast on a per order basis, meaning your yeast is freshly grown in the days leading up to your scheduled ship date. We only ship Monday-Thursday via overnight priority service. Please plan ahead and schedule your order to arrive at least one day prior to your scheduled brew day. Our general production times are as follows (shipped the next business day):

Ales and Lagers: 6-7 days

All strains: 14 days

L. delbrueckii and L. brevis: 3-5 days
Pediococcus: 3-5 days

***Please note: orders over 100 pitchable may require a lead time of 10-14 days or more depending on the strain and quantity. Please call our Technical Support line to discuss our current production timeline.***

We do everything we can to meet the lead times listed above. However, please be aware that they are not guaranteed, and we reserve the right to make changes to these lead times without notice, although this rarely occurs. Our allotted production for a given ship date is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. When our production for a specific ship date is full, we extend our lead times to the next available ship date. For this reason, we encourage brewers to place their order as early as possible ahead of their scheduled brew day to reserve production space in our system.

We ship all of our perishable yeast and bacteria products via FedEx or UPS priority overnight. Our intent is to have the yeast to you the morning after the yeast ships. That said, once your order leaves our facility, we have little control over the delivery timeline. We recommend having your yeast delivered at least one day prior to your scheduled brew day to mitigate the risk of an unforeseen shipping delay.

International orders may require additional transit time. Please contact our shipping department for more information. (719-482-4895 x 2)

Yes! If you are using our online order form you can enter your PO# in the comments section and we will make sure your invoice reflects the number provided. If you are ordering over the phone, please let us know that you have a PO# you would like to attach. We will not always remember to ask as most of our customers do not require them. Feel free to email any Purchase Order to orders orders@brewingscience.com if you prefer to process orders that way, however a separate file is not necessary on our end. We just need the order details and the PO#.

We will consider changes to an existing order on a case by case basis. Be aware that because we grow everything on a per order basis, the closer you are to your scheduled ship date, the less likely we will be able to make any changes (cancellations may be subject to a fee based on the owners’ discretion).

In general, we can accommodate most changes if your scheduled ship date is more than 10 days away (ship date, quantity, strain, etc.) without issue. If you are within the 10-day window leading up to your scheduled ship date, we may have already dedicated the necessary resources to complete your order, so a change may not be possible or require more time.

For order cancellations, we recommend calling our technical support line ASAP! If we have already started growing your order, you may still be responsible for the cost of the yeast. We will do our best to find another home for your order, but sometimes this is not possible. Please treat cancellations as a last resort!

If you need to change or cancel an existing order, please call our technical support line at (719)482-4895 ext. 3.

When in doubt, please contact us to make sure that we have your order in the system! That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind:

When ordering over the phone, we confirm orders verbally unless an email confirmation is specifically requested.
Spelling counts! When an order is submitted online, a copy of the order is emailed to the address provided. If it is spelled wrong, you will not receive the confirmation.

Confirmation emails like to hide in spam folders, did you check there?

For orders placed via orders@brewingscience.com, we will reply and acknowledge that the order has been received. Do not assume an order has been received until you have heard back from us.

If you would like to check on an existing order, please call our Technical Support line: (719)482-4895 ext. 3.

We grow all of our yeast fresh and on a per order basis. We don’t keep an inventory of any strain, so it is unlikely that we will be able to ship yeast within 7 days. However, we are always willing to listen to extenuating circumstances and will do our best to help whenever possible. We may be able to offer advice if nothing else.

Unfortunately, no. BSI’s policy is if we split your order evenly we must charge you for the two separate pitchables individually. It’s much cheaper for you to split the order yourself.

Yes! We can blend any of our yeast strains to any desired proportion (within reason). Custom blends do include a 10% surcharge. However, this is still cheaper than buying the individual pitches and blending them yourself.

Yeast Handling FAQs

Your yeast is hungry from the long journey. We strongly recommend taking the following steps to ensure your yeast is happy and healthy for your upcoming brew day:

Unbox the package and inspect for shipping damages.
Feed the yeast with the included sterile wort charge.
Loosen the cap ¼ turn to prevent any pressure build-up during storage.
Store at 34℉ (2℃).

If you have followed our recommended feeding and storage guidelines, you can store the yeast for one week without any additional steps. If you need to store the yeast for an additional week, we recommend feeding the yeast with more sterile wort. We do not recommend using yeast that has been stored for more than two weeks

We recommend removing the yeast from cold storage at the beginning of your brew day so that it has a chance to warm up prior to pitching. Ideally, you want your yeast to match the temperature of the wort you are pitching into to avoid shocking the yeast. When you raise the temperature of your yeast, it will be hungry and looking for a food source. It is best to feed the yeast with some sterile wort to get it active. Happy yeast makes the best beers!

Billing FAQs

To set up an account, please call our billing department at (719)482-4895 ext. 7. They will need the following information:

Company Name
Shipping Contact Name (only one allowed)
Shipping Contact Phone Number
Shipping Contact Email Address
Billing Contact Name(s)
Billing Contact Phone Number(s)
Billing Contact Email Address(es)
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Credit Card or Other Payment Information

Yes! Once you have completed your first three orders, and your account has remained in good standing, you will have the option to switch to Net 30 invoicing. Please contact our billing department to ask about our current credit limit. BSI reserves the right to deny or revoke terms to any customer at any time. To set up terms with BSI, please call our billing department at (719)482-4895 ext. 7.

Our shipping carriers send us the exact shipping charges the Monday after your order ships. Because of this, our billing cycle generally operates on the following timelines:

Customers on terms: Invoices are generated and sent the Monday after your order ships. You will then have 30 days to pay the balance of the invoice (exact due date will be listed on the invoice).

Customers paying with a credit card: Credit card will be charged the Monday after your order ships once we have the exact shipping charges from our carriers.

New customers (less than three completed orders): Credit card is charged the day your order ships, and again once we have the exact shipping charges from our carriers.

International customers: Credit Card is charged at the time the order is placed with BSI.

The above timelines are subject to change without notice.

For further information, please contact our billing department: (719) 482-4895 ext. 7.

It takes our shipping carriers a few days to get us the exact shipping charges for your order, so for that reason we generate invoices the Monday after your order ships. If you still don’t see an invoice after a week, we may have an outdated email address on file. Please contact our billing department: (719) 482-4895 ext. 7

BSI accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and payments via ACH, check, and eCheck.

To update your account please contact our billing department at: (719)482-4895 ext. 7 or email them at Billing@brewingscience.com.

To arrange payment, please contact our billing department at: (719)482-4895 ext. 7 or email them at Billing@brewingscience.com.

If your account is carrying a large past due balance or is very past due, your future orders may be held for shipment until the balance is settled. In extreme cases, we may not accept any orders from accounts with a past due balance. BSI reserves the right to cancel terms for any past due account at any time.

Yep. Unless you want our billing specialist Laura in your life (you don’t).

Shipping FAQs

We ship all yeast orders via FedEx or UPS priority overnight (your location will determine which carrier we use). This is an intent, not a guarantee. BSI does not have control over the delivery process once it leaves our facility. This includes weather and carrier delays. On the day that your order ships, we will send tracking information to the email contact that we have on file. DO NOT mash-in until you have the yeast in your possession and have opened the box to inspect for shipping damages!

International orders are shipped via FedEx and almost always require additional transit time depending on the destination country. Please contact our shipping department for more information.

Non-perishable domestic orders are shipped via UPS Ground and can require 2-3 days to arrive.

There is a chance that your order has experienced a delay due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Check the status of the package using the provided tracking number. If you have checked the status and still need assistance, please contact our shipping department for more information.

All yeast orders are shipped in a Styrofoam insulated box packed with reusable gel ice packs. Depending on the size of your order, the yeast will be packaged in either a collapsible soft-sided “Cubitainer” with a threaded cap, or a hard-sided plastic jug. We do our best to combine your order into the fewest boxes possible.

Prior to packaging, we stabilize the yeast for shipment by removing as much of the growth media as possible to prevent re-fermentation in the package. Because of this, we recommend that you feed the yeast immediately upon arrival using the instructions provided in the “Peace of Mind Kit” (***link to Peace of Mind Kit Info Page***) included with every order.

Bacteria is also shipped in an insulated Styrofoam box, but without ice packs. We do not recommend storing our bacterial cultures below room temperature.

If you have received a damaged product from BSI, please call our technical support staff for assistance right away. Please be aware that we grow all our yeast to order, so we may or may not be able to ship out a replacement immediately. We will do our best to remedy the situation in a timely manner. Refunds and replacements will be considered on a case by case basis.

Tracking emails are generated at the end of the day on the date that the order is to be shipped. There are a few reasons why you may not have received a tracking email. Many times, the emails are hiding in your spam folder. Another reason could be that we have an incorrect or misspelled email address on file. If you have checked your spam folder and still can’t find your tracking information, please contact our shipping department at (719) 482-4895 ext. 2.

No, BSI is not responsible for any loss caused by poor planning, shipping delay, or for any other reason. Even if your tracking information says that the yeast is out for delivery, DO NOT mash-in until you have the yeast in your possession and have opened the box to inspect for shipping damages!

We strongly encourage you to schedule your yeast to be delivered at least one day ahead of your brew day. Every order includes a sterile wort charge that can be used to feed the yeast upon arrival. Please refer to the “Peace of Mind Kit” included with your order for instructions regarding the best care and storage practices for our yeast.

No! We frequently ship yeast overseas with some shipments taking upwards of 5-7 days. Those brewers always report back high viabilities. Even if your package has swelled the yeast is most likely fine. Relieve the pressure, cool to storage temp (34F), and feed it the sterile wort charge we provide. If you’re still concerned, check the viability. If it is low, please contact our Technical Support staff and we will discuss getting you a replacement.

Please contact our Shipping Department. In most cases, we can get a refund if the delay was the shipping carrier’s fault. However, they will not provide a refund for delays due to acts of nature.

Of course! Just provide us the address and let us know it’s a one-time shipment in the comment section of the order form, in your email, or on the phone. Be prepared to provide us a contact name, phone number, and email for the location as well.

Yes, providing you use FedEx or UPS. However, please check with us regarding rates. The rates we get are often very competitive and may save you money in the long run.

Please contact our Billing Department: (719) 482-4895 ext. 7

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the ongoing pandemic, both FedEx and UPS have suspended ALL service guarantees indefinitely for packages shipped within their networks. Delays are infrequent but can happen, so we always recommend planning for your order to arrive a day or two before your scheduled brew day. Please contact the shipping department by email at shipping@brewingscience.com or by phone at (719) 482-4895 ext. 2 for more details.

Bacteria FAQs

Yes, as long as you are looking for L.delbrueckii,  L. brevis, or pedio. Those are the only bacteria we currently have for sale.

We recommend using the culture within 2-3 days of receiving it. Always store bacteria cultures at room temperature. It can be difficult to get them active once they have been stored cold. If more than 3 days of storage is necessary, you should feed the culture with some low gravity, sterile, zero ibu wort. The overall idea is to keep the culture active throughout storage, so it is in top shape when you are ready to use it.

Like yeast, bacteria work best when you provide a favorable environment for it to operate. There are a lot of complexities involved with brewing a kettle soured beer, but here are the basic steps you should take to ensure optimal performance from your bacterial culture:

Make sure your wort is low gravity (10 plato or lower) and is unhopped. Any deviation from this may increase the time required to sour your wort or inhibit the bacteria altogether. Some strains are more tolerant than others.

Attemperate your culture gradually to your pitching temp. Placing your culture in a warm water bath and adding warmer and warmer water to the bath throughout your brew day is the easiest way to do this.

Acidify your pre-soured wort to pH 4.5 or lower. This will inhibit any other bacteria from outcompeting your lacto culture. This can be done by adding food grade lactic acid to the wort, or by using acid malt in your mash.

Blanket your kettle with CO2 and close your stack to prevent outside infection.

Hold your wort at the optimal temperature for your specific culture. This can vary between suppliers and strains! Our L. delbrueckii prefers 110F.

If you take all of the above steps, chances are good that your kettle sour will be a success!

Yes, we can add any of our three lactobacillus strains to any yeast order upon request. We will add a 10% surcharge to blends.

Currently we carry:

Lactobacillus delbrueckii
Lactobacillus brevis
Pediococcus damnosus