Express Yeast

Express Yeast

New for 2023! BSI is now offering four popular yeast strains available for next day shipment. Express Yeast allows you to get the strains you need faster!

Express Yeast strains are produced using the same tried and true propagation method as the rest of our yeast catalog. We preemptively grow a limited quantity of our most popular strains a few days ahead of time to allow for next day shipment. When an Express Yeast order is placed, our team will package the quantity ordered, and ship it out the following business day. This gives you the flexibility to squeeze in an extra brew, or source some emergency yeast on a moments notice.

How it works:

Orders can be place through our online order form, via phone, or by emailing us directly at

Orders placed Mon – Wed are available to ship the next business day. Orders placed Thurs – Fri are available for shipment the following week Monday. Express Yeast strains are sold on a first come first served basis while supplies last. When we run out of an Express Yeast strain, the timeline will revert to our typical 6-7 day lead time. See below for our current Express Yeast strains. Check back often as we may add more strains as demand allows!

Frequently Asked Questions

Express Yeast can be ordered on our online order form, by emailing us directly at, or by calling our technical support line at (719)482-4895.

Yes! Express Yeast is grown on a weekly basis, so it is just as fresh as our other yeast strains that are grown to order. This also means that Express Yeast is grown in limited quantities and is available while supplies last. We don’t believe in keeping weeks old inventory of yeast.

We grow a weekly allotment of each Express Yeast strain, and it’s sold on a first come first served basis while supplies last. We prefer to limit Express Yeast orders to 50 pitchable units or less on our online order form so we can serve the most amount of customers. However, we can usually accommodate large orders on a case by case basis, and depending on the remaining stock. To order large quantities, please call (719)482-4895 or email us at

We do not charge any additional fee for Express Yeast orders.