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One of our most popular strains:

A-18 London Ale III

Region: United Kingdom
Strain: Ale

Enhances malt and hop profiles. Finishes fairly sweet. A true top-cropping strain. Fruity, very light, soft, balance palate. First choice for English pale ales. Second choice for stout ales. Widely used for modern NEIPA.


This free downloadable resource contains a wealth of information that all BSI customers should have ready and accessible in their breweries.


  • A Yeast and Brewing Bacteria Quick Reference Chart with a list of strains, apparent attenuation, flocculation, and fermentation range.
  • A Quick Reference Table with Comparable Strains.
  • A page-by-page list of BSI’s yeast and brewing bacteria strains with descriptions and key specs.
  • A comprehensive list of BSI cultures organized by the type of beer you want to brew, from ales to lagers to regional varieties like Belgian and German.
  • …and MORE!