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One of our most popular strains:

A-18 London Ale III

Region: United Kingdom
Strain: Ale

Enhances malt and hop profiles. Finishes fairly sweet. A true top-cropping strain. Fruity, very light, soft, balance palate. First choice for English pale ales. Second choice for stout ales. Widely used for modern hazy and NEIPA.


This free downloadable resource contains a wealth of information that all BSI customers should have ready and accessible in their breweries.


  • A Yeast and Brewing Bacteria Quick Reference Chart with a list of strains, apparent attenuation, flocculation, and fermentation range.
  • A Quick Reference Table with Comparable Strains.
  • A page-by-page list of BSI’s yeast and brewing bacteria strains with descriptions and key specs.
  • A comprehensive list of BSI cultures organized by the type of beer you want to brew, from ales to lagers to regional varieties like Belgian and German.
  • …and MORE!