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Yeast Nutrient (5 lbs)

BSI Yeast Nutrient is a specially formulated blend of essential vitamins and minerals, organic and inorganic nitrogen, yeast hulls, and zinc. It is designed to improve beer fermentation performance and speed, and is particularly beneficial for high gravity and adjunct beers where yeast may lack some necessary nutrients.

This proprietary blend contains an inorganic nitrogen source, as well as yeast hulls to provide organic nitrogen, lipids, and sterols. These ingredients help to maintain the integrity and vitality of yeast cells during fermentation. The added zinc is an essential trace element for yeast that helps with proper enzymatic function during alcohol production, and can also promote better flocculation post-fermentation.

Yeast health is crucial to reducing off-flavors and improving the overall quality of your final beer. By adding yeast nutrient to your fermenting wort, you will be providing your yeast with all of the key minerals and nutrients needed for a successful fermentation, resulting in a higher alcohol yield, improved performance, and better flocculation.

Price: $50 + shipping (5 lb bag)

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LMDA Plates (30pk)

The best bacteria and wild yeast test around. This agar test may be used aerobically or anaerobically to determine whether brewing bacteria or wild yeast are present and allows for quick and easy genus identification. It supports the growth of the most common types of brewing bacteria and wild yeast but suppresses the growth of most brewing yeast. If individual colonies arise, note the color, texture and size of each type.

Also, note whether any colonies have changed the color or cloudiness of the media immediately surrounding them. After running a gram-stain, compare your observations against the characteristics listed for each genus, and identification is complete. Keep sealed & refrigerated; 30-day shelf life.

These plates contain 7ppm cycloheximide. Click here for the SDS.

Price: $50 + shipping (30 sterile pre-poured plates)


Wort Agar Plates (30pk)

30 Sterile Pre-Poured Plates

This aerobic nutrient agar is designed for the growth, storage and conditioning of yeast cultures. Because it is made from wort, it presents yeast with a nutrient profile similar to what the yeast will encounter when pitched, and so may be said to “condition” the yeast in a way that YPD and other nutrient agars cannot. Yields are comparable to commercial nutrient agars. Keep refrigerated; shelf life of up to 30 days.

Price: $50+ shipping (30 sterile pre-poured plates)


Wort Concentrate (4pk)

Our Wort Concentrate 4 pack contains four individual bottles of sterilized wort that contain all of the key nutrients your harvested yeast slurry will need during storage. Feeding your harvested yeast is critical to maintaining viability and reducing lag time in your next brew! Each 500ml bottle is sufficient to feed a slurry harvested from a 10bbl batch of beer for up to one week. Additional bottles can be used for slurry harvested from bigger tanks or if storage beyond one week is required. For best results, add the wort concentrate to your sanitized yeast storage vessel prior to harvesting to ensure proper mixing.

Shelf life up to 6 months from delivery date. Store in a cool dry place.

$50 + shipping     (4 bottles, 500ml each)


Clean & Feed Kit (2pk)

Tired of sending your harvested yeast down the drain due to poor viability or contamination? The BSI Clean & Feed Kit is designed to solve both of these problems at once!

Each Clean & Feed Kit contains a two-part activated chlorine dioxide wash and a 500ml bottle of wort concentrate. Mix the activated chlorine dioxide into your slurry to kill any pesky bacteria that may be present. Then feed the slurry with a bottle of wort concentrate to provide all of the nutrients your yeast will need to maintain viability during storage. It’s that  easy! Your yeast will be clean, healthy, and ready to take on your next fermentation. Each kit is sufficient to treat and feed a slurry harvested from a 10bbl batch of beer.

Shelf life up to 6 months from delivery date. Store in a cool dry place.

Kit contains Dioxy-chlor. Click here for SDS.

$50 + shipping     (Contains 2 complete clean and feed kits)