Brewer’s Lab Handbook

How to Spot Brewery Contaminants

“Brewing without the blindfold” means keeping an eye on your microbes, be they brewing yeast or the myriad of brewery contaminants. Our highly praised lab handbook has been fully overhauled and updated with powerful content, rich graphics, and must-have information for successful brewing. This handbook helps you do just that, while respecting the fact that you want to spend time in the brewery, not in the lab!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Quick & Dirty “Film Test” for Bottled Beer
  • Detecting Bacteria, Wild Yeast & Petite Mutants with Selective Media
  • Cell Counts and Determination of Proper Pitching Rate
  • Protocols:
    • Wort Stability Test
    • Gram Staining
    • Strain Purification
    • Yeast Harvest and Storage
    • Cell Counting
  • Table of Brewing Bacteria
  • Quick Reference Calculations and Conversions
  • Glossary of Common Terms
  • ….and Much More