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Pitchable Yeast

Pitchable Yeast is meant to be pitched directly into your beer. The quantity of pitchable units you need will depend on the style of beer you are making, the original gravity, and your desired cell count. For more information visit our FAQ page, or use the calculator below.

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Pitchable Blends

Pitchable Blends are meant to be pitched directly into your beer, just like our pitchable yeast. Choose up to four strains from our catalog and mix the proportions any way you like.

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Starter Yeast

Starters are small quantities of yeast that are meant to be propagated over 24hrs with wort that YOU prepare. Visit our FAQ page for more information, or call our technical support staff for advice on growing your own yeast.

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Pitchable Bacteria

We offer several bacteria strains to produce sour beers. L.delbrueckii and L.brevis are best suited for kettle souring your wort. Pediococcus damnosus is best suited for secondary fermentation with extended aging. Sold in pitchable quantities only.

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We offer a wide variety of products to care for your yeast and to screen for contaminants in the brewhouse. Please review our products page for more information about each product. Products ship via 2-day ground service unless they accompany a yeast order.

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