Cancellation Policy

The BSI cancellation policy allows for changes to existing orders on a case by case basis. Be aware that because we grow everything on a per order basis, the closer you are to your scheduled ship date, the less likely we will be able to make any changes (cancellations may be subject to a fee based on the owners’ discretion).

In general, we can accommodate most changes if your scheduled ship date is more than 10 days away (ship date, quantity, strain, etc.) without issue. If you are within the 10-day window leading up to your scheduled ship date, we may have already dedicated the necessary resources to complete your order, so a change may not be possible or require more time.

For order cancellations, we recommend calling our technical support line ASAP! If we have already started growing your order, you may still be responsible for the cost of the yeast. We will do our best to find another home for your order, but sometimes this is not possible. Please treat cancellations as a last resort!

If you need to change or cancel an existing order, please call our technical support line at (719)482-4895 ext. 3. Likewise, you may call the technical support line for specific BSI cancellation policy questions.