Shamrock Brewery-BSI ESB Collab Brew:

As brew day approached, BSI cultivated a Dry English Ale 4 (BSI-7) yeast for our collaboration brew at Shamrock Brewing in Pueblo, Colorado. The yeast was cultivated for a limited release of an Extra Special Bitter (ESB) beer. The clean and crisp finish that BSI-7 delivers provides a well-suited compliment to the mild-fruity aromatic characteristics of ESB’s. Although this brew was not high gravity, BSI-7’s high attenuation makes it an ideal candidate for higher gravity beers. As we wrapped up the cleaning and the day was ending, the fourth added ingredient i.e. the brewing yeast was hard at work. “It’s all about the fermentation.”

Dustin, the head brewer, is a one man show, maintaining and overseeing his brewhouse. He has perfected his craft to allow himself to maintain the four flagship brews on tap, while still providing two to three seasonal and limited releases. As the Pueblo area continues to grow and develop, Dustin and Shamrock are in an ideal location to provide great beer to their patrons; and enlighten the Steel City of the West in the art of craft beers.

When asked how he keeps his wits about him while balancing temperatures and flow rates during the brew day, Dustin commented that it was all about trusting your process and trusting your chemicals. The instant one begins to second guess yourself is the moment things become overwhelming, and mistakes are made. This motto speaks very well for BSI and others in the brewing industry; trust the process.

BSI would like to give a big thanks to Shamrock  for showcasing one of our strains in their limited release, Idle-Hands ESB; and to Dustin: Keep up the great work and maintain the vision of providing great beer for the Steel City.

By Patrick Munn