An ideal strain for North American lager and Pilsner

L-05 Colorado Mountain Lager YeastColorado Mountain Lager

Whether you have a reliable recipe, or are looking to develop a different lager, BSI’s Colorado Mountain Lager, L-05 could be the strain for you. This strain is an ideal candidate if you are brewing a crisp Pilsner or a North American Lager. It originated  from the Kessel region of Germany, but made its way to North America with the surge of German immigration throughout the late 1700’s and 1800’s. Eventually it made its way to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and gained traction in the west throughout the late 1800s. The history of this strain is clouded and obscure, but the tried and true results remain present to this day. Due to its origin, the Colorado Mountain Lager thrives  at cooler temperatures. It has been cultivated to enhance a malt finish, ideal for North American Lagers, Pilsners, or adjacent style beers. L-05 has a standard 70-74% attenuation and a fermentation temperature range between 48-54°F.  Consider Colorado Mountain Lager for your next delicious lager brew!

By Patrick Munn, Microtechnologist