Pink Boots Society  Collab Brew

Aside from the fabulous boots sported by a couple of the women, the Pink Boots Society (PBS) represents more than brewing for those who are associated with the society.  Pink Boots’ goal is to encourage and inspire women and non-binary individuals to expand their opportunities, knowledge, and love for the brewing industry. Along with scholarships, seminars, and a community discussion board, PBS brings together this community from across America and world including Brazil, Peru, Hungary, Ukraine, and more! Currently there are 3000 members and 85 chapters with 8 of those new from 2022! The Colorado Springs chapter, led by chapter president Teshia Redwine of Storybook Brewing, counts 34 members.

Pink Boots Society Brew

On January 11, 2023 the Colorado Springs chapter held a collaboration brew at Phantom Canyon Brewing in Downtown Colorado Springs. BSI donated 3470 German Lager yeast used to brew the cold IPA that should be ready for release across Colorado Springs breweries on March 8th, International Women’s Day.  There were 12 members present from Storybook Brewing, Goat Patch Brewing, Phantom Canyon Brewing, Atrevida Brewing, and BSI!

The cold IPA used grist consisting  2-row Pale, flaked maize, flaked rice, and acidulated malt. The hops included Centennial, Chinook , Citra, and Loral.  In addition, the brew was dry hopped with Centennial and Citra. The goal was to achieve a delicious beer that has pine and citrus flavors and aromas. It will be light bodied, pale beer with 8.1% ABV.

Katherine Pesek