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Clean & Feed Yeast Care Kit

Why hose that perfectly good yeast down the drain just because the next brew day is too far out?  This unique product allows you to prepare yeast for 1 week of storage in 30 minutes flat.

Using pre-measured quantities of sterile cleaning and feeding solutions, this simple, 2-step process allows you to “clean” the slurry with activated chlorine dioxide to kill any bacteria present, and to “feed” the yeast with sterile, concentrated wort.

Then, simply store the slurry at 34°F/1°C, until needed, for up to 1 week.  The Clean and Feed Yeast Care Kit can be used for up to two weeks.  Treats the quantity of yeast cropped from a 10bbl batch.

Kit contains StarXene. Click here for SDS.

$50 + shipping

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