Clean & Feed Kit (2pk)

Tired of sending your harvested yeast down the drain due to poor viability or contamination? The BSI Clean & Feed Kit is designed to solve both of these problems at once!

Each Clean & Feed Kit contains a two-part activated chlorine dioxide wash and a 500ml bottle of wort concentrate. Mix the activated chlorine dioxide into your slurry to kill any pesky bacteria that may be present. Then feed the slurry with a bottle of wort concentrate to provide all of the nutrients your yeast will need to maintain viability during storage. It’s that  easy! Your yeast will be clean, healthy, and ready to take on your next fermentation. Each kit is sufficient to treat and feed a slurry harvested from a 10bbl batch of beer.

Shelf life up to 6 months from delivery date. Store in a cool dry place.

Kit contains Dioxy-chlor. Click here for SDS.

$50 + shipping     (Contains 2 complete clean and feed kits)

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